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Naming Your Beneficiaries

Be Explicit When Naming a Beneficiary.

If the benefit is left to the policyholder’s estate, it will be held in probate along with his or her other assets. A specific beneficiary will be able to receive the benefit upon death. This is an important feature of life insurance and can be very helpful when trying to protect your family. Also, by naming a specific person instead of a general relationship, such as “spouse,” you could avoid potential conflicts in the case of remarriage.

Name a Contingent, or Secondary, Beneficiary.

This is a precaution in case you outlive your first beneficiary.

Occasionally Review your Designated Beneficiaries.

As your life changes, it is a good idea to review your primary (Class I) and secondary (Class II) beneficiaries. Perhaps you have married or have had another child, or one of your beneficiaries has changed his or her name.

If you are a registered account owner on, you can use our convenient online form to change beneficiaries. Simply login to My Accounts, go to My Accounts Services, and access the Change Beneficiary form (under Make a Policy Change, Request or Claim). If you are not yet registered, please visit the My Accounts Registration page.


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Last Updated: 12/14/2017