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Immediate Coverage Helps Care for Child

Jenna would never have guessed that when she married the man of her dreams, life would take so many twists arid turns. Twenty years old, happily married, and mother of a beautiful baby girl, Jenna had plans of a bright future for her daughter. You can imagine her sadness when her husband left – especially in light of her postponing her college education in order to first get married. Faced with raising a child alone, she took a job at a local automobile dealership. Fortunately, she was also able to move into the home of her 45-year-old mother.

Although she felt good to be working, the job offered no health benefits. But, like anyone, Jenna knew in her heart she needed health benefits for her family. However, she worried where the money for coverage would come from.

Stressed with making ends meet, she remembered a prior telephone conversation with George Johnson, an insurance representative in Burlington, North Carolina. After talking it over, she and her mother agreed to meet with him to discuss her situation. During their meeting, George asked, “If something should happen to you, who would care for your child?” There was a slight pause as he turned to the grandmother and asked, “Would you feel financially comfortable raising your granddaughter?” Hesitantly, she admitted, “It would be difficult.” Jenna still wanted to give the decision more thought.

A short time later George was driving home and made a split-second decision to try to persuade Jenna once again. George explained to Jenna the need for insurance and encouraged her that if she wrote the premium check, he would give her a binding receipt, and she would have immediate coverage. After a little more discussion, George wrote a $50,000 Universal Life policy on Jenna.

Tragically, less than a week after writing that premium check, Jenna was killed in an auto accident while driving a car that she had borrowed from the dealership.

The memory of this situation is still clear in George’s mind today. He still remembers the sheer gratitude on the grandmother’s face and her arms tightly around him. Even more striking for George was the little girl toddling in the background, which illustrated the stark realization of how life insurance makes a difference in a time of need.

Having been in the business only a few years at that time, George recalls, “When I look back over my 24 years as an agent, I’ve never believed in life insurance more than I did at that moment, which happened almost 19 years ago.”


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Last Updated: 12/14/2017