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Prompt Underwriting Pays Off

As a life insurance agent, Priscilla Freeman-Chambers from Houston, Texas, knows the importance of being prompt and efficient in delivering the best service to her customers. She experienced this firsthand when she wrote a $25,000 Economy Life policy with an accidental death rider on a couple in their early thirties. The family lived in Houston and had three children all under the age of 10. The couple wrote a check for the first month’s premium – a mere $30 – and Priscilla issued them a binding receipt. Priscilla then promptly submitted the application and was happy to have been able to help her customers start building resources to rely on in times of need.

Less than five days later, Priscilla received a call informing her of a tragic fire in the couple’s apartment complex. When the wife of the couple called with more details of the accident, Priscilla was shocked. Apparently, a neighbor had fallen asleep with a lit cigarette, which ignited the fire. Although the customers got out safely, the father, in all the confusion, thought that one of their children was still trapped inside. When he went back in to the apartment, he was overcome by carbon monoxide and died in the fire.

Priscilla recalls that, at first, the surviving wife expressed some concern that the application would not be honored. Priscilla now realizes, however, the value to her reputation as an agent and to the reputation of The Western and Southern Life Insurance Company when the application was honored and was able to support this family in their hour of need.

Policy series numbers: 0010-100-R, 0010-100-U R,TX - 0010-100 TX R, 0010-100-U TX R, ID – 0010-100 ID R

Rider series numbers: 9401-540, 9401-581-U, 0010-602, 0010-610, 0010-620, 9401-670, 9401-671, 0010-675, 9401-700, 8101-730


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Last Updated: 12/14/2017