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Paying for College

Education costs have been rising steadily every year. How much will you need to send your children to college? How do you start to save and when do you begin? What role, if any, will financial aid play? What impact will paying for education have on your taxes?

Saving for College

It’s never too early to start a college fund. Talk with your Western & Southern Life representative about effective savings strategies.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds could figure into your college savings plans. Learn more about the benefits.

Financial Aid, Grants, Scholarships & Student Loans

Ever increasing tuition costs place a greater strain on today’s family budget. Figuring out how to send your children to school can be a challenge. What if you have two or more children attending college at the same time? How do you make ends meet? Financial aid and student loans can help ease your college tuition burden.

Funding College at Mid-Life

Thinking about going back to school and wondering how to pay for it? Colleges and universities are eager to welcome “non-traditional” students, whether they’re new students or “life-long learners.”


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Last Updated: 12/14/2017